Raspberry Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10): Buy Raspberry Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10) Online at igourmet.com

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Raspberry Cheesecake - 9 inch (Serves 8-10)
Indulge with this handmade, fresh, rich, made-to-order cheesecake. From a top Southern family-owned bakery, igourmet brings you your choice of cheesescakes. They are not only beautifully presented, but the taste is simply unforgettable! Makes a great gift, too.

Plentiful, fresh, mouth-watering raspberries lie on a thin layer of glaze on top. This cheesecake is smooth and delicious, and features vanilla wafers for a buttery thick cookie crust. Fresh raspberries and tasty cream cheese abound in every bite: it's pure decadence and delight.

  • Gerald's Heavenly Desserts Cheesescakes will ship separately from the rest of your order and cost $25 per order. These cheesecakes are shipped frozen and travel 2 days in transit. Please note, these are made to order and, therefore, your first available ship date will be 2 business days from your order date.

  • This item is not available for inclusion in a "Create Your Own Gift Basket" (item G151) or a "Custom Cheese Board Gift Set" (item C151).