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Black Mesa Jalapeno Chevre
Black Mesa Ranch is a 280-acre goat ranch located just east of the historic pioneer town of Snowflake, in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. The ranch started making cheese in 2003, becoming the only certified goat dairy in the state of Arizona. Located off-grid, Black Mesa Ranch produces its own electricity using solar and wind technology.

Black Mesa Ranch's cheeses are true farmstead products, made exclusively from the milk of their own Nubian goats. These goats, of African descent, are well suited for Arizona's hot climate. Unlike goat cheeses from temperate parts of the globe, the heat, lack of humidity, and desert plants the goats eat produce a flavor that is distinctive and unique. All Black Mesa cheeses are handmade in small batches to ensure attention to detail. Their superb Jalapeno Chevre is fresh, soft, and clean on the palate. Excellent served on crusty French bread, the zesty jalapeno coating makes it a true Arizona experience.

  • Made from goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 6 oz. form of cheese.