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ColoRouge by MouCo
ColoRouge is a washed rind cheese bearing a traditional red-orange exterior mottled with a slight white hazing. Made from pasteurized whole milk taken from a herd of Jersey and Holstein cows, the cheese is gently ladled by hand into forms that give it its shape and size. During its two week aging period, each wheel of ColoRouge is turned and "smeared" by hand. Smearing is the process by which each cheese is rubbed by hand, assisting in the development of special rind characteristics. The cheese is then wrapped in a special foil imported from Europe that allows it to "breathe". Initially soft and creamy with mild buttery overtones, these characteristics give way to a complex, spicy, beefy quality with furthering depths of complexity. Excellent paired with your favorite microbrew, enjoy this true American original before or after the meal.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 5 oz. form of cheese.
  • Gold Medal Winner - 2004 American Cheese Society Awards