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Amaretti di Saronno by Lazzaroni - 65g
Originally from the town of Saronno (in Lombardy), Amaretti cookies had an interesting beginning. Legend has it that when a bishop came to Saronno on a surprise visit, a husband and wife mixed up this original creation in his honor. The cookies impressed the bishop so much that he gave his blessing to the couple for a happy and lifelong marriage, ensuring the recipe would be passed down through several generations. These soft Italian almond cookies are similar to macaroons. They are excellent with coffee, fine wine, after-dinner liqueurs, or alone. They also provide a tasty topping for ice cream, pie, and pudding, and can be used to bake delicious Amaretti cakes. Made by Lazzaroni, each cookie is individually hand-wrapped in colorful tissue paper, then packed in a beautiful red window box.