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Fruit Pyramid by Valley Produce Company
Valley Produce Co. was established by passionate, renowned Australian chef, Christopher Smith. He uses many ingredients from the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia which is renowned as one of Australia's most prestigious food and wine regions.

The Fig & Almond, Pear & Hazelnut, and Apricot & Pistachio Fruit Pyramids are made from one pound of reduced fruit and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Unlike most other fruit pastes, VPC Pyramids are made by hand, contain 75% fruit and have no added pectin or fillers. These spreads are perfect served with blues, brie, and cheddar cheeses.

  • Varieties sold separately.
  • Awarded "Best Product of the Aisle" at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco 2004.

Out of Stock Varieties:Fig and Almond