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Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Calogiuri family has been making olive oil in Lizzanello (located in Salento district) Italy since 1825. They utilize an old technique, which relies on the simplest means to make their olive oil. Each November, they cold-crush their olives with care and extract the oil with "affiorato" (surfacing). This technique consists of waiting, after crushing, for the oil to rise to the surface from the olive juices. This "floating" oil is scooped in flagons by hand. Only three other companies in Italy still produce "affiorato" oil.

Calogiuri "Affiorato" Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fresh, delicate taste.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this oil, it is common for sediment to collect in the bottom of this bottle. It is normal for there to be floating swirls and clouds in the oil.