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Bergamot Peel Jam by NAR Gourmet
The Bergamot orange is a delightful cross between lemon and sour orange, with a tart, refreshing flavor. Cheeses and Italian pasta dishes come alive with the addition of this unique delight. The preserves, bursting with the fruit's vivid citrus flavor are the result of a painstaking process. The orange's rind is hand peeled and slowly macerated to soften bitter flavors and bring out bright and sweet flavors.

NAR Gourmet's mission is to bring rich, healthy handcrafted Turkish foods and ingredients to the world. Since 2007, NAR Gourmet's trusted farmers and artisans have been using all-natural, traditional methods to create their exceptionally pure, flavorful products. NAR Gourmet offers single estate and single variety oils, as well as seasonal preserves, natural vinegars and organic spices.