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Figs & Black Pepper Compote by Belberry
Cheese and fruit naturally complement each other. Both have their own well-defined characters but, when combined, they produce subtle flavors that are almost gastronomic. Not as sweet as a traditional jam, Figs and Black Pepper Compote goes perfectly with Roquefort, Blue Stilton, or any of your favorite blues.

The original recipes of the traditionally made jams, marmalades, and vinegars of Belberry have been crafted more than a century ago. Since then they have been preserved carefully as valuable treasures. The secret of Belbelly, with it's brimful of taste? Fruits worldwide are selected for the sake of the exceptional taste, not too much sugar, no colors or preservatives, a slow production process in an open red copper kettle and the loving hand of their 'master preserver'. While every producer says they are the best, Belberry was officially recognized as a supplier to the Royal Family due to the amazing quality of their preserves.