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Camembert La Petite Reine
Camembert La Petite Reine is a handmade Camembert from a small dairy in Normandy (the same dairy that makes Camembert Bocage), the specific AOC region for this famous French cheese. In fact, cheeses named Camembert that hail from outside of Normandy are technically misusing the name. The sign of a premium quality Camembert, this one has a "core" that is firmer in texture than the creamy paste closer to the rind. As it matures, the interior becomes more ooey-gooey and runny at room temperature. Made from premium quality, lightly pasteurized milk, this spectacular cheese was previously unavailable in the U.S. In fact, it is the best Camembert you can get in America today.

  • Made from lightly pasteurized milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 8.8 oz. form of cheese.