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Fra' Mani Salametto
The mission at Fra' Mani is crafting salumi or "salted meats" in the finest Italian pastoral traditions, using the highest quality pork. Their pork comes from family farmers committed to the well-being of their animals and their land. The hogs are never given antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, growth-promoting agents or meat by-products. They eat only the finest grains and natural feed. This old-fashioned way to raise hogs produces pork of outstanding quality, which is the essential ingredient in all Fra' Mani salumi.

Their Salametto is a 12-inch long, coarse ground, garlic-scented salami boasting a rich color and full flavor. Great for picnics or snacking, we love it paired with robust cheeses and wines. To serve, slice 1/8-inch thick pieces on a bias.

Note: Similar to Brie cheese, the skin of this artisan salami is purposely sprayed with and edible fluffy white mold. This application crowds out harmful microbes that might want to attach to the salami during the aging process.