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Marianne (Chocolate Filled Peppermint Candies) by Fazer
The history of Fazer's confectionery and its traditions date back to 19th century Europe, more than a hundred years ago. At that time, the finest chocolate was produced in Switzerland, Russia, and France. The founder of the company, Karl Fazer, had his roots in Switzerland, and he learned from the best masters of their time in St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Paris. Opening a French-Russian Confectionery in Helsinki in 1891 was the fulfillment of his dreams.

Fazer introduced his Marianne candy in 1949. This prized product combines the Russian confectionery tradition with a French mint flavor. The chocolate filling is a 38% cacao milk chocolate made from Ecuadorian Arabia cocoa beans. Refreshing and satisfying at the same time, enjoy these delights for the first time or, for our Scandinavian customers, rediscover a cherished childhood treat.