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Scallops (10/20 Count) by Rastelli Foods
Rastelli Foods is one the world's foremost suppliers of high-quality meats and seafood to the restaurant and resort industry. Their state-of-the-art USDA processing plant is in Swedesboro, NJ where great-tasting products are produced for the most discerning restaurateurs. Rastelli also provides all-natural proteins for shipment around the globe and igourmet is proud to feature some of their fine products.

Fresh from the Atlantic! Our wild caught scallops are individually frozen for easy preparation. These sweet and tender scallops can be sautéed with your favorite sauce or stir fried with your special blend of vegetables.

Flash frozen and shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door; We guarantee it! If Rastelli products are required for a specific delivery date, please allow an extra 1-2 business days for processing and delivery. Rastelli items are produced and shipped from a separate warehouse location. The cost is $15 for frozen shipping and handling. An incremental $2 will be added for each additional Rastelli item you add to your cart after the first one, so add more Rastelli items to your cart and save on shipping.