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Flounder Fillets (4 x 7oz) by Rastelli Foods
Rastelli Foods is one the world's foremost suppliers of high-quality meats and seafood to the restaurant and resort industry. Their state-of-the-art USDA processing plant is in Swedesboro, NJ where great-tasting products are produced for the most discerning restaurateurs. Rastelli also provides all-natural proteins for shipment around the globe and igourmet is proud to feature some of their fine products.

If you enjoy a mild flavored fish these are the fillets for you. Rastelli's wild flounder fillets are skinless, boneless & hand cut just for you. Within one hour, the fish is processed and Individual Quick Frozen (IQF). We love them sautéed with a bit of crabmeat for a casual dining experience with just a touch of elegance. 4 - 7 OZ. PORTIONS

Flash frozen and shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door; We guarantee it! If Rastelli products are required for a specific delivery date, please allow an extra 1-2 business days for processing and delivery. Rastelli items are produced and shipped from a separate warehouse location. The cost is $15 for frozen shipping and handling. An incremental $2 will be added for each additional Rastelli item you add to your cart after the first one, so add more Rastelli items to your cart and save on shipping.