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Gochujang - Fermented Chile Paste by Mother in Laws Kimchi
Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi [MILKimchi] grew out of a labor of love to share a delicious, artisanal kimchi. As an avid food and wine lover, founder, Lauryn Chun, was inspired to recreate the same kimchi from her mother’s beloved restaurant in California. The original, "House Style" MILKimchi recipe hails from the 22 year-old restaurant, Jang Mo Gip [translates into mother-in-law's house], founded in 1989 by Lauryn’s mom, in Garden Grove, California. Natural fermentation makes it a healthy probiotic food that is good for your digestion.

Gochujang is the most popular pantry staple in Korea. Use it as you would tomato paste in cooking, dips, sauces or sandwich spread for spicy umami flavors.
Available in 4 flavors:

  • Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste Concentrated (Original): Signature Gochu (chile) Jang (fermented paste) made by using time honored traditional methods with no high fructose sweeteners or msg.
  • Gochujang Fermented Chile+ Tangy 01: Tangy flavor combination of vinegar (cho) and fermented chile paste (gochujang) is aka Cho-gochujang. Tangy sesame flavors make this a perfect sauce with shrimp cocktails, calamari, french fries and hot dogs.
  • Gochujang Fermented Chile+ Sesame 02: Rich, nutty sauce takes center stage with the combination of sesame seeds, peanuts and fermented chile paste.
  • Gochujang Fermented Chile + Garlic 03: This classic sauce of garlic, ginger and fermented chile paste is complex with a layered, lingering spice. Delicious on everything.
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