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Glogg Concentrate Drink Mix
When autumn begins in Sweden and winter approaches, the idea of enjoying an open fire and something warm and tasty to drink is appealing. In the U.S., we also enjoy the same experience- especially around the holidays and the winter ski season. The tradition of warming up with wine has existed for hundreds of years, and is more popular now than ever.

In ancient times, the festive Romans drank a spiced wine that is similar to what we call glögg. Saturnus has over a hundred years experience guaranteeing the taste of all its glöggs, no matter the level of alcohol. Glögg served as a welcome drink has developed into entire glögg parties where snacks and appetizers are served. On these occasions, it's nice to be able to offer guests different varieties of the warm drink, especially with different amounts of alcohol. This drink mix is non-alcoholic.

Glögg drink mix can be made with one part water for a non-alcoholic concoction or with rum or red wine for those who prefer a little kick to their glögg!