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Stroopies Waffles 100% Butter
A long-time favorite of adults and children in Holland, Stroopies (syrup waffles) are a delicious breakfast, light snack, or the perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day! Manufactured in Holland, Stroopies are thin, crisp, butter-y waffles with a thin layer of cinnamon flavored syrup in the center. You can eat Stroopies out of hand, but there is a bit of technique to enjoying them the traditional way.

Once you pour a piping hot cup of coffee for yourself in the morning, place a Stroopie over the mouth of the cup and take a few minutes to read your paper and let the coffee come down to sipping temperature. The steam from the coffee penetrates the Stroopie, warming the syrup in the center. Once your coffee has cooled down for a minute or so, the waffle is perfectly heated through and ready to eat on its own, or dunked in your coffee. It's a simple but relaxing way to start your day!