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Snow Dragon Loose White Tea
Snow Dragon tea hails from the Fujian province of China, one of its most prolific areas. This region accounts for one-fourth of China's total tea output, and the high quality of its teas keeps them in high demand. This region's exports of tea account for a quarter of the country's total. Fujian teas benefits from an excellent climate, combining mild temperatures, abundant rainfall and mountainous terrain. It has a long history of cultivating tea: over one-thousand years.

Snowbud, as its name implies, is an airy, light tea and yields a cup worthy of its name. It is effervescent and graceful, with a delicate, clean aroma. Snowbud is comprised exclusively of unprocessed leaves and buds, all gathered and dried in the early days of spring. "Snowbud Finale" is a lovely, subtle, gentle white tea.