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Peppered Smoked Mackerel
There are few fish better able to provide the health benefits of Omega 3 than mackerel. Caught in the cold waters of Northern Maine at the absolute prime of their condition, and gently smoked over oak, Ducktrap has created another delicious product. These mackerel fillets are sprinkled with small chunks of cracked peppercorns for those who enjoy that special pepper-y zing on their smoked fish. We can think of no better way to serve this smoked fillet than either hot or cold with a dill mustard sauce, crusty white bread, and a cold beer or ale as an accompaniment.

Ducktrap River of Maine produces the finest smoked seafood available anywhere. Using the best modern European smoking technology, combined with traditional, time-consuming curing and smoking methods, their products can enhance any menu. Ducktrap River smoked fish products contain no artificial coloring or flavoring. Instead, they use the flavor of brine, herbs, natural sweeteners, and spices in combination with the savory smoke of northern fruitwoods and hardwoods. To ensure a longer shelf life, they rely on the freshness of the fish and shellfish that they smoke-not on chemical preservatives. Ducktrap use a fresh brining solution for each batch of fish prior to smoking which results in a low salt content and exceptional fresh flavor.

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