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Pacia Chestnut Flour
A staple in the Italian pantry, this nutty flour continues to gain popularity worldwide. Chestnut flour has been a staple in Italian culture since the Middle Ages, where chestnuts were easily gathered by rural families looking to enrich their daily diet. Certain regions of Italy still use Chestnut flour for bread making, thickening sauces, pasta-making, or whenever desired to add its unique flavor to a dish.

Chestnut flour adds the sweet, nutty flavor of chestnuts to baked goods. Substitute chestnut flour for some portion (usually less than 50%) of wheat flour in a recipe, or as a complete substitute for corn meal or oat flour. Chestnut flour weakens the dough, and therefore, must be used sparingly in yeast breads. However, its tender texture and sweet flavor make wonderful pancakes, muffins, and pastries.

People with allergies to gluten will find this flour is a viable alternative to wheat flour.