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Calasparra Rice - 1 Kilo Bag
Rice farming was brought to the wetlands of the Spanish Mediterranean coast by the Arab invasion of 711. Today, Spain is only second to Italy in rice production in Europe. Calasparra is well-known in Spain and worldwide and was the first rice to be awarded with the Denomination of Origin, a guarantee of the finest quality. Calasparra is the quality identification for the southernmost rice growing area between Murcia-which borders in the north with the Valencian community and in the south with eastern Andalusia and Albacete in Castile-La Mancha. There are thousands of rice varieties in the world and they are categorized by grain length. Our Calasparra rice is a short-grained rice. Short-grained rice is also called pearl rice because the center of the grain has a white mark that contains extra starch. The pearl flavors the other ingredients and absorbs the stock. This is essential for a successful paella. This rice is difficult to overcook and does not stick together. Great news for anyone who has problems making the perfect rice.