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Tuscan Pecorino with Truffles by Caseificio Spadi
The cheeses produced by Caseificio Spadi Enzo are recognized among the best in Italy and abroad for their high quality. The old artisan way of maturing the cheese in natural caves gives to our product an extraordinary taste, a peculiar whiteness and a special consistency inside. Their Pecorino with Truffles is known as The King of delicatessen, the emperor of taste. A delicate and soft pecorino cheese with aromatic and tasty pieces of truffles inside. The best of the best!!!

The Spadi family has been associated with cheese and milk production for longer than anyone can remember. The Spadi ancestors were sheepherders based in the mountains of Tuscany, in a little town called Marradi. They did what was called transumanza – traditional flock migration each autumn and spring, searching for greener grass and milder temperatures. They travelled southwest from the Apennine mountains located between Florence and Bologna, closer to the valleys right by the beautiful Tyrrhenian sea in the south of Tuscany, then in the summer they had to move back to the Appennines where the mounts were once again green and full of flowers.

The difficulties and dangers of transumanza made the travelling a gruelling task. It was a long journey with no other means of transportation except by foot; thieves and criminals could have been anywhere along the road and the constant lack of basic commodities was something that had to be silently accepted in the hard life of a shepherd in those days. Although walking past the scenic Tuscan landscape and wonderful cities like Florence and Siena helped to take their minds off the hardships of their travel - there they could stop over for rest and have a glass of red Chianti wine before taking the road again.

In 1977 Enzo Spadi took over the business. The knowledge and the experience in cheese making, passed on from one generation to another, made it possible to expand the business even further. In 1997 "Caseificio Spadi Enzo" moved to an even larger production site, leaving the original factory to focus on ricotta production. The total production area of the modern business comes close to 1500 sq. metres.

Twenty-two workers are permanently employed, with more seasonal employees coming when needed. Today "Caseificio Spadi Enzo" specializes in producing Tuscan pecorino cheeses (made from sheep’s milk).

  • Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 4.4 lb. form of cheese. This item is cut in an 8 oz. piece.