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Guatemala Antigua Whole Bean Coffee
Guatemala Antigua Coffee is from the Santa Barbara Estate and is a rich full bodied coffee with a smooth, sophisticated flavor and an intense aroma. The highlands of Guatemala are a refreshing setting for the cultivation of coffee beans. A region called Antigua is famous for quality and the reason behind this is the naturally blessed diverse terrains. The daily rainfall count could sum up to a total of 800mm-1200mm at the end of the rainy period.

Antigua is comfortably located in between two volcanoes, therefore the volcanic soil which is found around this area is very young and fresh, an ideal type of growing place for coffee. The beans are harvested twice a year, usually in January and at the end of March. Guatemala Antigua coffee beans grow in between the plateau called Fraijanis at the far north near Lake Amatitlan. A large and dense rainforest called Coban provides humidity to the plantation is which add to the instinct attributes. Although the soil is has more density and is partially clay, the mixture of these are the perfect formulae to produce a unique and aromatic brew of high class cuppa.

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