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Caciottona Capra by Perenzin
Emanuela Perenzin and Carlo Piccoli, the producers of the fine Perenzin cheeses from the Veneto, have just won their first gold medal of the year! Their Aged Caciottona di Capra Bio was recently awarded the gold at Biocaseus 2008. From the "Valle del Piave" in the Province of Belluno, this Caciottona is made with pure organic goat's milk and is Bios certified. It is a semi-hard cheese-- white, compact and crumbly to a degree, with a pleasantly persistent goat aroma. Underneath the mild hints of pasture is a full-bodied and well-rounded flavor. Produced by rennet coagulation, Caciottona is already tasty after a short period of ripening, but this version is aged for a year or more to produce a distinct piquant flavor.

The goat's milk comes from the Veneto region in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains where the Perenzin family has been producing cheese for four generations. Here, the animals roam freely and their milk reflects the varied grasses, flowers and herbs of these rich mountain meadows with its floral, tangy flavor.

  • Made from organic goat's milk.
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