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Vermont Smoke and Cure Pepperoni
After winning us over with their cob-smoked bacon, we couldn't resist the snappy flavor of Vermont Smoke and Cure's Smoked Pepperoni. Unlike other pepperonis that have smoke-flavoring added, these sticks are slow-smoked in Vermont. A delicious blend of pork and beef raised in the US and Canada, this pepperoni is perfect for pizzas, lasagnas, hors d'oeuvres, or just as a quick snack. Their smoked pepperoni offers a smoke-mellowed bite that complements any good, sharp cheddar. And this delicious snack is free of wheat gluten, milk and nuts.

Vermont Smoke and Cure continues the tradition of craftsmanship Vermonters are famous for. They craft their meats in small batches according to recipes grown from Vermont history and refined during 45 years of experience. Vermont Smoke and Cure is "Keeping Vermont Farmers Smoking" by keeping artisan meat processing available to all.