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Quai Sud Pina Colada in Carafe
Bring the tropics right to your home with this exotic and sensual blend of pineapple, coconut and white rum. Pour 70 cl white rum into the carafe. Mix and leave to macerate for 48 hours. Filter. Add a 1/4 lime or serve as a long drink with fruit juice or sparkling water. This can also be used to flavor desserts : fruit salads, flambées bananas, pancakes, canelés, babas and in marinades ( tiger prawns, chicken, etc.)

Quai Sud is a manufacturer of gourmet products based in the South of France. Their source of inspiration? Current food trends, culinary traditions from all over the world and a dose of extravaganza… Their products are entirely thought, manufactured and packed on their premises, before travelling right up to your kitchen.

Ingredients: cane sugar, pineapple ( sugar, pineapple, citric acid), coconut oil, syrup, banana natural flavor) pineapple and coconut natural flavours, food coloring agent: E 102.