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Mondovino Wine Crackers
Artisan, Artesano, Artigianale, in any language, means made with skill and care from quality ingredients. Artisan Biscuits is a new company that uses time-honored methods to make biscuits for the world to enjoy. Artisan offers delicious biscuits and crackers "made by real people, not robots". is proud to offer two new savory crackers to partner with your favorite wine, be it red or white. They are absolutely ideal for casual entertaining.

Chopped black olives and olive paste are used in the Black Olive Cracker, to create a rich and savory cracker for white wine. Think of some fresh buffalo mozzarella, a bowl of salsa verde scooped up with Mondovino crackers and a chilled glass of white wine. Perfect!

Roasted hazelnuts, roasted coriander seeds and roasted cumin (dukkah), are used in the Spicy Moroccan Seed & Nut Cracker, to create a warm and spicy cracker for red wine. How about some bowls of hummus, cool guacamole, and raita, an Eastern feast served on Mondovino crackers with a glass of your best red wine? Let the evening's festivities begin!

  • Varieties sold separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:Black Olive, Spicy Seed and Nut