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Two By Two Artisan Biscuits
Artisan biscuits are baked by hand in England by "real people, not robots". No additives or preservatives are used in the manufacture of these scrumptious cookies and the sourcing of the ingredients is extremely important. Only the best ingredients are used: a very important concern for parents today.

Two by Two is a range of natural biscuits for children, cut out into charming animal character shapes reflected in each box illustration. These delicious cookies contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. Three children-approved flavors are available: Natural Vanilla Biscuits, made with Madagascan Vanilla extract; Natural Strawberry Biscuits, made with real strawberry juice; and Natural Toffee Biscuits, made with pieces of Yorkshire Toffee.

Each box has an adorable poem or story:

  • The Owl & The Pussy Cat (Vanilla) - Soothing and delicate vanilla biscuits with a poem by Edward Lear.
  • The Hare & The Tortoise (Toffee) - The warm taste of toffee with a story from Aesop's Fables.
  • The Lion & The Mouse (Strawberry) - Sweet and perky strawberry with a story from Aesop's Fables.
  • *Contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk - Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.
Varieties sold separately.

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