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Whole Wheat Couscous
The centerpiece of festive dinners and celebrations, coucous is traditionally a way of saying "good luck and blessings" at the dinner tables of North Africa. This Whole Wheat Couscous has a nuttier, chewier texture than regular couscous. It stands up well to heavy spices and robustly seasoned meats. Whole Wheat Couscous is made from Semolina Flour, which is the roughly milled endosperms of Durum Wheat. Whole Wheat Couscous is made with whole grain Durum Flour and often rolled with Brown Rice Flour. This flour retains the bran and germ of the Wheat Berry, thereby, making it more nutritious than products made from White Flour. The Whole Wheat variety of Couscous cooks just as quickly as the regular varieties and tastes great.