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Chilean Razor Clams
Chile has five thousand kilometers of coast toward the Pacific Ocean, which allows the GeoMar fishery to find these shellfish, some of them unique in all the world, that are extracted manually from depths of more than 60 feet. Thanks to GeoMar's processing plant location only a few meters from the shore, they receive their shellfish alive and fresh. All their shellfish are processed only 12 hours from being harvested off-shore, where the shells are removed, cut and classified according to type, size and color.

More traditionally clam-shaped than the narrow Chilean razor shell, these Razor Clams are tasty and tender. Easy to serve, try tossing them with olive oil, lemon juice, and tarragon and serving as you would marinated olives. They're also perfect for tossing in a cream sauce with pasta and radicchio, or bread and fry as an easy snack.