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Chilean Sea Conch
Chile has five thousand kilometers of coast towards the Pacific Ocean, which allows the GeoMar fishery to find these shellfish, some of them unique in all the world, that are extracted manually from depths of more than 60 feet. Thanks to GeoMar's processing plant location only a few meters from the shore, they receive their shellfish alive and fresh. All of their shellfish are processed only 12 hours from being harvested off-shore, where the shells are removed, cut and classified according to type, size and color.

Not the giant conch, but these "Caracol" Sea Conchs are the size of grapes and tender to the bite. Each one has small curls, making it look like a rose head. They have a very delicate flavor, with only a light trace of the sea, making them best served in cold preparations or very quickly cooked to preserve their flavor and springy texture. Try them in a Sea Conch Stroganoff on Florentine Toast.