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Velvet De Guerande Sel Gris by Le Tresor
Velvet by Le Trésor is light gray in color and almost the consistency of flour. This is a very delicate crystal that has a "buttery" feel and taste as it melts on your tongue. Velvet Sel Gris is harvested and stone ground using traditional Celtic methods, although the salt is harvested from French waters. This is a terrific salt to top any dish. Its texture makes it ideal for snacks such as popcorn, sauces and salads. It is also perfect as a finishing salt to grilled meats, roasted vegetables and squash. You will naturally use less of this salt because the crystals are so fine, giving you maximum flavor from a small amount of salt. This salt is certified organic by France's Nature & Progrés. This is the most rigorous salt certification process, which equates to purity and quality.