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Grab An O Olives
Grab-An-O Olives are the perfect pick-me-up snack. These olives are ready to go whenever and wherever hunger calls in this perfectly sized, 4.4 ounce baggie. Pack a pouch in your bag or briefcase; toss a sack in your lunchbox; or grab a bunch for your picnic basket. Imported from France, these all-natural olives come in three tempting varieties:
  • Green Olives with Provencal Herbs: Dense, fruity olives marinated in fragrant herbs de Provence (basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and savory). A French favorite!
  • French Country Olive Mix: A colorful blend of green, pink and black olives with Lupini beans and bell peppers. These are tossed in a lively French marinade of spices, peppers, and vinegar. Perfect for any gathering!
  • Picholine: The Picholine is the queen of green olives! Medium green in color, Picholines are crisp, yet tender and slightly salty. They should be delicate and "green" tasting, never acidic. Enjoy them on salads, or alongside a salad in a cocktail!
Varieties sold separately.