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Italian Grilled Vegetable Mix by Menu
Menu is a specialty food products company that began life as a salami factory run by Romolo Barbieri in Cavezzo (province of Modena), Italy in the 1930's. Over the years, the company, now run by Romolo's son, Rodolfo, has expanded to create quality Italian food products for fine restaurants around the world.

Menu's "Mix Grill" is the easy solution when you need another side dish on the spot! Grilled peppers, zucchinis (courgettes), and eggplants (aubergines) are grilled and cut into bite-sized cubes. They are next dressed with a vinaigrette which allows the product to be used without draining it. Also perfect for topping pizzas or grilled polenta, adding to lasagna, or tossing with pasta. Just warm and serve!