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Kuh Heublumenkase (Cow's Milk Cheese With Hayflowers)
Cow's Milk Hayflower Cheese, or Kuh Heublumenkäse in German, is a seductive blend of fragrant dried flowers, herbs, and pure organic Bavarian cow's milk. This German cheese takes on extra character through the selection of organic flowers, including safflower, blue mallow, peony and marigold, mingled with rosemary, oregano and a dash of unrefined rock salt. The cheesemakers coat the cheese with herbs and flowers and then seal it with transparent wax. Throughout the 6-month ripening period, the combined essences seep into the cheese's paste, rendering an innovative, semi-hard cheese, bursting with aroma.

Two cheese lovers founded the Alp's True Cheese Company out of the conviction that Alpine cheese is one of the purest and tastiest in the world. They offer cheeses produced in the German and Austrian Alps through the combined efforts of Alpine village farmers and highly skilled master cheesemakers. Their collection demonstrates respect for the pristine environment and for the main player in true cheese production, the dairy cow. In the Alps, brown cows are free to graze on verdant mountain pastures and valleys from summer to early autumn. Over the winter, they are housed in cozy mountain dairy huts.

The exquisite cheeses of Alps' True Cheese hail from a unique harmony between environment, animal, and man, and from a spectacular region steeped in centuries-old culture and tradition. Among their cheeses are international award winners as well as all-natural types without chemicals, artificial flavoring, coloring, gelatin, or preservatives. Some are derived solely from silage-free milk stemming from cows which are not fed any genetically manipulated cereals.

  • Made from organic cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 4 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by the 1/2 pound.