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White Truffle Olive Oil - 100 ml
This bottle of white truffle oil may only be 3.5 fluid ounces, but that amount goes a long way here. That is because this premium product is so flavorful, all you need is a couple of drops to add rich truffle flavor to risotto, pasta, soup, stew, or whatever else you are concocting.

Truffles are one of the world's most complex and enticing foods. They add the maturity and complexity that refined diners crave. In this truffle seasoning, the rich flavor properties of the white truffle's aroma are mixed with olive oil. It takes only a few drops to make a rich enhancement to the flavor of salad, pasta, risotto, fried eggs, mushroom dishes, and mashed potatoes.

Truffles have been collected for at least the past 3600 years, fascinating all with the opportunity to savor them. The Bible and Plato mentioned desert truffles in their works, along with many other ancient writers world-wide. Their attraction stems from a tantalizing taste and aroma which, once experienced, is unforgettable. With such intensity in taste and aroma, they are used as a flavoring, rather than a separate dish. Even magical powers and virtues have even been attributed to truffles…An exquisite phenomenon of Mother Nature-- forming during the different seasons to provide the natural variety found in the summer, winter, and white truffle. Fungi, tuber, in the end, simply exquisite.