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Black Kassel Salami - Sliced
For centuries, majestic castles commanding views of the rivers Rhein and Mosel have inspired legends. The craftsman who lived in these regions used recipes handed down from generations to produce Europe's finest meats and salamis - gently smoked with secret blends of hardwood and dry-cured with a legacy of practiced patience. Tradition and the flavors of Europe are now the inspiration for Piller's Black Kassel. From Old Forest Salami to Westphalian Ham, Black Kassel fine meats blend the tastes of two worlds - the European tradition of time-honored food preparation, with today's demands for distinctive and superior quality.

These pre-sliced salamis are large enough for sandwiches, wrapping vegetables, or creating outstanding hors d'oeuvres! Approximately 18 slices per package. Comes in three varieties:

  • Gypsy Salami: Made from a fine blend of pork. The addition of cayenne gives this Hungarian-style salami a semi-hot spicy flavor. It is gently smoked for 7 days and air dried a minimum of 28 days.
  • Mustard Seed Salami: Made from a lean mixture of pure pork with finely chopped mustard seed and a hint of garlic. This Austrian-style salami is gently smoked for 7 days and air dried a minimum of 28 days.
  • Old Forest Salami: This German-style salami is a lean blend of ground pork that is gently smoked over natural beech and maple hardwood for 7 days and air dried for a minimum of 28 days.
Varieties sold separately.

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