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Mark T Wendell Premium Black Tea - 25 Bags
As one of this country's most prestigious tea importers, the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has been providing fine teas to tea connoisseurs since 1904. It was then that Boston businessman Mark T. Wendell assumed ownership of his uncle's business, a firm that imported luxury products from abroad. With a degree from Harvard University just completed, Mr. Wendell settled in the Beacon Hill section of Boston and set up offices on nearby State Street. For many years he imported port, sherry, snuff, olive oil, coffee and rare teas to sell to the upscale clientele of Boston, New York and Philadelphia. One of his most popular items was a smoky China tea that was simply called "XXX". These three letters were a common symbol of excellence and high quality from this era. is proud to offer this illustrious line of teas from Mark T. Wendell. We are featuring four classic flavors: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast.

Varieties sold separately.