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Indonesian Long Pepper
Once hailed by Romans as the ultimate peppery spice, wild long peppers soon disappeared into culinary obscurity with the agricultural domestication of their cousin, the modern peppercorn. Pleasantly hot and more pungent than regular black pepper, our aromatic Javanese Long Pepper is native to Indonesia. Grown year-round, the best long pepper comes from the island of Madura, where the dryness and balanced pH of the soil, along with perfect weather conditions, combine to produce the largest fruits and leaves. As soon as they mature, our long pepper is harvested and immediately sun-dried to capture its unique flavor. The flavor of Long Pepper is deep and complex; simultaneously releasing an earthy pungency, a sweet hint of cardamom and nutmeg. The long peppers look like tiny cattails and once ground, roasted, or simply snapped in two, they release an incredible floral bouquet.