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Green Mung Beans
A traditional ingredient in Indian cooking often used in curries, mung beans can also be sprouted and added to salads and sandwiches. The inside of a mung bean is mustard colored. Mung beans have a sweet flavor, soft texture, and are easy to digest. In India, the husked, split green mung beans are known as yellow mung or moong dal. Mung beans are used in a variety of forms: whole, peeled, split, or ground. Bean sprouts from these beans boast vitamin C, which the beans themselves do not possess. Mung Beans are the most common beans to be sprouted in Asia, Europe, and America. To sprout, place beans between layers of damp cheesecloth, place in a dark place for about 2 days. The ground flour of mung beans is used to make bean threads (cellophane noodles).