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Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil by Delicius - Superior in Glass
Delicius uses their biggest anchovies - totally sourced from the Mediterranean Sea and of Engraulis encrasicholus species only. Nowadays, as back in the past, they are fished when the nights are deep dark (moonless) starting from March through September using a traditional fishing boat fitted with a "Lampara net", thus respecting the sea and the sea bed. They are carefully cured and filleted, then packed in "olea mediterranea", a light and gentle oil that does not overshadow the taste of these anchovies, but actually accompanies and preserves their extraordinary flavor. A clove put in each jar is the secret in making Delicius anchovies so special. The clove species they use is Eugenia caryophyllata as this has very strong anti-oxidation properties. Most of all, they have selected it for its intense, sweet and flower-smelling scent with a little taste of pepper, which makes their anchovies unique.

Delicius was founded in Parma, Italy in 1972. Ever since, it has been developing, producing and marketing preserved fish. Simplicity and freshness has always been their ethos. Delicius decided to produce close to fishing spots (in this case, just across from the Italian heel, on the coast of Albania), shortening the time between hauling in the nets and processing so they get the best quality. Delicius' care for the best catch of the day, for traditional salting and filleting practices remain typically Italian.