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Jules Destrooper Belgian Butter Cookies
The history of these biscuits began in Belgium, during the second half of the nineteenth century. Driven by passion, Jules Destrooper, a colonial trader, combined the best of the spices he imported from Africa and the East with the best of nature's ingredients. That's how he obtained a very unique flavor for the almond thin, a delicate biscuit that was to please generations of people all over the world. In that way, in 1886, the biscuiterie Jules Destrooper was founded. We are proud to offer five of these classic biscuit styles:
  • Classic Butter Crisps: Waffle shaped butter wafer cookies are the Classic. These butter waffle crisps are made according to a secret 19th-century recipe using pure butter, this well-known butter waffle was granted the official trademark 'Regional Product of Westhoek' by the VLAM (Flemish Centre for Agriculture and Fishery Marketing).
  • Almond Thins: The biscuit that made it all happen! This exquisite biscuit has been astonishing many a gourmand worldwide and today it is Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper's most successful export product. It still holds the secret traditional recipe, using selected almonds from Valence.
  • Chocolate Thins: Here the Classic is exuberantly covered with three varieties of real Belgian chocolate. Contains a mix of cookies covered in milk, dark, and white chocolate.
  • Ginger Thins: The perfect mix of spice and sweet. The Classic Destrooper Butter thin, but with an aromatic hint of ginger.
  • Varieties sold separately.