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Australian Marinated Feta by Meredith Dairy
Meredith Dairy is an on-farm family enterprise, milking year-round and processing a large range of specialty cheeses and yogurts. Meredith Dairy is located in Meredith, Victoria, Australia. The owners, Sandy and Julie Cameron, have researched both animal husbandry and cheese making techniques, and are currently the largest producers of sheep & goat milk in Australia. Formerly sold under the 34 Degrees label, we are proud to once again feature this amazing cheese!

Winner of more awards than any other Meredith Dairy cheese, this marinated feta is made using the best fresh ingredients. Soft textured cubes of cheese are drenched in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, spices and fresh herbs. Serve with roasted vegetables, salads, on crusty bread or with antipasto accompanied with a crisp dry white wine.

Suitable for Vegetarians.