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Uncured Turkey Salami by Zoe's Meats
This California Uncured Turkey Salami is a new creation bringing you all the great flavors you expect from Zoe’s salamis, but lower in fat. They use dark meat for this Turkey salami, but still cure it with the same wines as their other salamis. This salami is a great option to use when you want a pork-free option for your cheese board. Or, it’s a great option for Thanksgiving appetizers, you won’t believe it is turkey.

Years ago on a volleyball court two friends with a passion for food dreamed of creating a company which would provide superior quality cured-meat products to consumers with an emphasis on community and environmental awareness. In February of 2007, George Gavros and Charlie Hertz realized their dream by launching Zoe's Meats. Charlie and George believed that making salami requires that one learns from those that have been making the products for decades before, but that you are also open to trying new ideas with them. They have decided to create a line of salamis that are all nitrite-free, aside from those naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt.

Gluten Free & Nitrite Free.

Handling: Refrigerate after opening. Eat at room temperature. Approx 8 oz Sticks