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Lemon Caper Sauce by Prissy's of Vidalia
Prissy's Lemon Caper Sauce is the perfect balance of zesty lemon and the unique briny bite of capers. Serve with chicken, fish, pork medallions or veal. Makes great dip for artichoke and asparagus, or as a remoulade for crab, lobster, or salmon cakes.

In 1986, Prissy's of Vidalia was started in the town of Vidalia, Georgia in the small kitchen of Priscilla Oxley Ruckno. She was very active in her local community, helping to start and run the Vidalia Onion Festival; it was then that she saw a growing demand for gourmet products that included ingredients with the famous Vidalia Sweet Onions. The focus of the business was to create quality products that looked attractive, tasted great, and also promoted the Vidalia name. Priscilla offers unique products without compromising the southern flair for good taste.