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Rochefort with Ouessant Seaweed
The small, historic town of Rochefort, Belgium, is littered with ancient buildings, including a 12th century castle that is the only reminder that this was once the capital of a country. Today, the primarily French-speaking city of Rochefort is more of a summer resort for hikers and fisherman. Rochefort is also home to the Abbey of St. Remy, also known as the Rochefort Abbey, which was founded in 1230. Famous for brewing dark, sweet beers, this is one of only seven Trappist breweries in the world.

Rochefort cheeses also originate from the Trappist monastery in Rochefort. For more than a century the monks produced cheeses, but by 1970 they were forced to cease production due to the lack of manpower. In 1999, on a request from the town of Rochefort, Mathot-SOFRA recommenced cheese production in Rochefort, taking over the authentic recipes and know-how of their predecessors. Boasting over 60 years in the dairy business, Mathot-SOFRA, a family business started by Arthur Mathot, was the perfect fit for reviving their town's lost cheeses.

While continuing the tradition of the Rochefort Trappist cheeses, Arthur has also been inspired to build upon these recipes. One of our favorite (and most unique) creations is their Rochefort with Oussant Seaweed. Creamy-textured Rochefort is offset by seaweed harvested from a remote island in Brittany. The result is a compelling marriage, adding a mildly briny flavor with a slightly herbal finish. Rochefort melts well, so it is excellent used in fondues, cheese souffles, or simply melted on toast. However, our favorite way to enjoy this unusually tasty cheese is paired with a cold glass of fine Trappist ale!

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 4.5 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.