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Vermeiren Organic Fair Trade Spelt Biscuits
In Belgium and the Netherlands you see two terms used for caramelised biscuits: speculoos and speculaas. There is, however, a difference. Generally speaking, in Belgium, speculaas with 'speculaas spices' is no longer made. The Dutch speculaas is a thicker, spiced gingerbread. The Belgian speculoos, or caramelized biscuit, is thinner and has a more refined taste.

Vermeiren Princeps bakes marvellous caramelized biscuits in the traditional way. The Flemish baker still does this according to the old method. The biscuits are baked like grandmother and grandfather used to bake them, but making use of innovative technological know-how. Hence the crispy caramelized biscuits have the authentic flavor of days gone by, but are now even more delicious and healthy. In this case, they have taken their classic Speculoos and added Spelt. Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated grains tracing is roots more than 6,000 years back to ancient Mesopotamia. Spelt provides an impressive nutritional profile, along with ease of digestibility leading to anti-inflammatory qualities. Certified Organic and Fair Trade, you can feel good about snacking on this tasty Belgian treat with a hot beverage, or anytime of the day.

The Vermeiren family has been known as a baker's family since 1650. The Vermeiren bakery was first located in the city centre of Puurs. In 1919, Achilles Vermeiren took the decision to bake caramelized biscuits exclusively for 'dealers'. In 1947, Achilles, with his sons Albert and Arthur, moved to Hingene-Bornem and converted an old brewery into a caramelized biscuit bakery.