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Matcha Bamboo Whisk
While there are many beautiful accessories one can use to enhance your enjoyment of Matcha tea, the only essential one is a whisk. Since Matcha is ground to a fine powder, it must be briskly whisked into the hot water to eliminate lumps and evenly incorporate the tea. Traditionally, a short bamboo whisk is used. The server would submerge the tip of the whisk in each individual serving cup and whisk until a light layer of froth appears on the surface of the tea.

One of the primary characteristics of a quality Matcha whisk is the number of bristles, or prongs. The more bristles there are, the more evenly the powdered Matcha will be infused into the water. More bristles also help work additional air into the tea, which creates more foam. Cheaper whisks may have 50 prongs or less (only the prongs around the rim are counted, not the internal core prong). This imported whisk has 85-100 bristles.

  • Total length: 4.25 inches
  • Length of bristles: 2.5 inches