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Irish Flapjacks - The Works - by The Foods of Athenry
In the US, we tend to associate flapjacks with pancakes. This is not the case across the pond. In Ireland and the UK, flapjacks are sweet tray-baked oat bars traditionally made with oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup. One of our favorite snacks with a steaming cup of Irish or English breakfast, these dense flavor-filled snacks are just the ticket. 'The Works" is our top pick. This fiber-filled energy food is packed full of wonderfully nutritious certified gluten and wheat free oats. Pure and simple, the Lawless family Bakery mixes in pure Irish butter, honey, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips and coconuts. Lots of great stuff here - and don't forget that oats are full of iron, zinc, and Vitamin B!

We were thrilled to find authentic, delicious flapjacks from The Foods of Athenry, The Lawless Family Bakery, in County Galway, Ireland. They began baking in the 2000's when their dairy farm faced an uncertain future and wanted to make foods for their children that contained no additives. By 2004 they had sold their cows and created a bakery in the old milking parlour. The Foods of Athenry was born. The hard work and attention to detail has paid off. This Gluten Free product is registered with the Coeliac Society and carries the crossed grained symbol on the pack. All of their products contain no preservatives, additives or hydrogenated fats and come with their TASTE GUARANTEE - 39 Taste Awards in the last six years, customer endorsements and the odd celebrity vote of appreciation! They were named as one of the top 10 bakeries in the Hot Press 2015 publication ‘Best of Ireland’.