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Venchi Assorted Cubigusto Gift Box (12 Piece)

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The Venchi Cubigusto Gift Box is made up of 12 individual divine chocolates presented as a beautiful gift. The assorted individual chocolates feature three creamy layers made with cocoa, milk, and IGP-certified Piedmont hazelnuts.

The Piedmont chocolate making tradition is based on the hazelnut, which grows in the Cuneo province where it is famed for its particularly fine quality. The origins of Gianduja chocolate probably dates back to the Napoleonic war period when the British Naval blockade created a scarcity of cocoa throughout Europe. Piedmont chocolate makers alleviated this problem by grinding hazelnuts into a fine paste and adding cocoa, the result being Gianduja chocolate.

Venchi, based in Robilante, has been creating traditional Piedmont chocolates since 1878. They still use the finest ingredients to create their chocolate masterpieces. Their Gianduja is only made with Piedmont Hazelnuts I.G.P. known as "Tonda e Gentile" . Try these spectacular Giandujas for yourself and see why this Piedmont specialty is so beloved by the Italians.