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Pistachio Pecorino di Toscano
The Busti Family began its activities in the cheese making over half a century ago. Remo and Alessandro Busti, shepherds from high Garfagnana, started the production of cheese first with ricotta cheese and butter. Stefano and Massimiliano Busti, heirs of this precious tradition, are proud to present their range of pecorino, a result of experience and commitment to maintaining traditional processing methods, with continuous research and development. Today the company looks to the future, under the supervision of the fourth generation, Marco and Benedetta, ensuring continuity between the family tradition and development linked to progress. In the coming years they will be joined by the next generation, Francesca, Silvia and little Emma.

This Pistachio Pecorino is one of the fine cheeses that form today's updated line by Busti. It is a young Pecorino refined with Italy's finest pistachios-- The Di Bronte pistachio from the foot of the Etna in Sicily. This cheese is but a few weeks old. Its flavor is mild, and the subtle influences from the pistachios are present throughout. Simply one more in a variety of tasty combinations made by the Busti Family.